At the prick of a pin

•January 16, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Why the hell do shirt manufacturers use pins to keep the new shirt folded in place ? I have bought some shirts which use clips instead of pins but most shirts seem to come with pins. It is one sadistic nut who invented this way of “pinning” a shirt so as to prevent people from enjoying a new shirt.

Even though I enjoy going for shopping the process of trying out the new shirt when you get home is a nasty joy killer. If I don’t get pricked while getting the pins out of the shirt then I almost get it when I put it on. The shirt is a small piece of cloth with very little place to hide something. But these ingenious shirt manufacturers always seem to find a way to hide a pin somewhere in shirt so that a few drops of blood are always spilled in the new-shirt-try-on ceremony. It seems miraculous that one pin always remains somewhere on the shirt, waiting to pierce into your thick epidermal layer, even though you might have spent 25 minutes meticulously looking over every inch of the shirt. How they do it escapes me. What makes me suspect that this is all well planned by the evil shirt manufacturers is that there is no established standard on the number pins that are used on a shirt. Some use 8, some use 10 while some even go further to 12 but you almost always find only one less than that. Sometimes, you can only find even less which would later make your armpit look like the back of a hedgehog.

Now I can’t imagine a single reason why shirt manufacturers would do this to us – the loyal shirt buyers. Won’t they lose some business because people are afraid of getting pricked ? I guess they are smart enough to know that we need to buy shirts anyway. They have marketing people who ensure that wearing their shirt to your office gives you some kind of magical powers which makes you much more productive than what you are now (which might be true when you are as productive as a hibernating bear now). They also make use believe that we would look much more smarter than we are now, if we wear their shirt (of course you must be as smart as a moose to believe that). Anyways, by hook or crook they will get you to buy more shirts no matter how many times you have been pricked.

Now that I have said all this, I just look around me and find me lots of men walking around in their shirts, looking smug, convinced that the prick was worth it because now they look much smarter. I am wearing my new Calvin Klein shirt now (I have this feeling that a pin is still lurking somewhere out there) but I must say is that I am feeling like a moose. Now if you will excuse me I gotta get back to my hibernation.